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Crime - Sacto 911

Marijuana oil lab explosion in South Lake Tahoe leads to arrest


One man has been arrested in connection with a marijuana butane honey oil lab explosion that occurred Friday in South Lake Tahoe.

Joe Johnson of South Lake Tahoe was taken into custody after investigators discovered that a honey oil lab explosion was the cause of a fire that engulfed a home on Kyburz Avenue and threatened other nearby residences before firefighters controlled the blaze, city spokesman Chris Fiore said in a statement.

“More arrests are expected as the investigation continues,” Fiore said.

Butane honey oil is a concentrated form of marijuana commonly known as wax or BHO. The oil is produced through a chemical process using butane, a highly flammable substance.

South Lake Tahoe dispatch received numerous 911 calls Friday at around 5:30 p.m. about explosions and a fire at 1104 Kyburz Ave., Fiore said.

“As fire personnel attempted to contain the fire, multiple smaller explosions occurred as butane gas canisters ignited, sending the flaming cans toward other residential structures, endangering firefighters as they attempted to prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring properties,” Fiore said, adding that the fire was only a few feet from an occupied hotel.

Fiore said no injuries have been reported.

Anyone with information regarding this incident or any other marijuana honey oil labs is asked to call the South Lake Tahoe Police Department at 530-542-6100. Anonymous tips can be submitted by calling 530-541-6800.

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