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Crime - Sacto 911

Bailed-out suspect arrested for continued car thefts

A Sacramento man who had posted bail after being arrested for car theft was arrested again on Dec. 6 on suspicion of continuing to commit the same kind of crimes.

Barry A. Matthews, 38, was first arrested on Aug. 9 along with Sacramento resident Dustin Pierman and Joe S. Curtis of Citrus Heights after a series of car thefts earlier in the year, according to a news release issued by the California Highway Patrol Valley Division.

In May, CHP Valley Division’s Investigative Services Unit began investigating a string of vehicle thefts that targeted multiple cars and occurred nightly, according to the release.

The three men were identified as suspects in the thefts, including the theft of a van owned by an Austin, Texas, band parked at a Sacramento hotel and containing the band’s music equipment, according to the release.

Following their arrests, warranted searches discovered stolen property and an illegal assault weapon, according to the release.

Investigators noticed an increase in similar vehicle thefts after all three suspects posted bail and were released from jail, according to the release.

While the suspects were out on bail, two vehicles were stolen from Camp Fire evacuees, according to the release.

After being identified as a suspect in the subsequent thefts, Matthews was arrested again. He possessed stolen property connecting him to 11 different incidents of theft and burglary, including those involving the Camp Fire victims, according to the release.

Investigators have identified additional suspects who they say worked with Matthews during these thefts and anticipate additional arrests, according to the release.

Matthews is being held without bail at the Sacramento County jail.

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